Nothing’s Too Weird: Episode 3 (The Adulthood Episode)

September 27, 2014

This episode is about being an adult and all the adult things that happen such as: throwing parties, getting oil changes and what have you. We also, once again, discuss our favorite store.


Nothing’s Too Weird: Episode 2 (Reiki and Sausages)

September 15, 2014

Prior to this episode we had a day filled with magic, the magic continues on the podcast. In this episode we discuss: magic, vacations, reiki, sausages and various other amazing topics


Nothing’s Too Weird: Episode 1 (The Moth Chronicles)

September 1, 2014

This is the first episode of our podcast. We talk about our podcast intentions, kindred spirits, moths, vacations and various other things that matter to us. Hope you like it!