Nothing’s Too Weird: Episode 22 (No Outside Donuts)

June 22, 2015

On this episode our BFPs, Cold Sweats Podcast, came to Des Moines to hang out with us! We went bowling. We went eating and drinking. They are the nicest strangers you’d ever hope to invite to your house! We talked about a lot of things. We worked through some issues. This was truly the mattress pad of episodes. 


Nothing’s Too Weird: Episode 21 (Let’s Get Metaphysical)

June 8, 2015

Take a seat, this podcast is going to take awhile. It’s an extra action packed episode this week. Adam the Superfan and Scott the Producer join the podcast and talk about things with us. One of those things being the Metaphysical Fair! We talk about block parties and hobos. Adam, the true vegan, drinks some nut milk!